UNI-T UT345C LPG Tank Level Checker

Portable LPG tank level checker with two-color LED indication based on ultrasonic detection technology

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UNI-T UT345C is a portable ultrasonic LPG tank level checker designed for a quick and simple measurement of the filling level of liquefied gas bottles with LED indication and pen-like design. UNI-T UT345C is indispensable in the food processing, gas bottle supply, and catering industries and other businesses where gas bottles are used.


  • Pen-like flashlight design;
  • Simple measurement operations with no need to use additional accessories or move gas tanks;
  • Two-colorway red-and-green LED indication;
  • Compatible with standard steel and aluminum propane or butane liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks with a diameter of 8-14 inches (200-350 mm);
  • Simple two-step measurement method: the probe is first pressed at an angle of 90 degrees vertically at different positions of the tank and then the LED indicator is verified for the filling level;
  • Full/empty sound alarm

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature -15~40°C, ≤85% RH
Storage temperature -10~60°C, ≤75% RH
Drop test 0.5 m
Supported languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech
Material Plastic
Weight 520 g
Size 28 × 32 × 143 mm
Battery type AAA (LR03) 1.5V×2

User Manual

PDF  Download UNI-T UT345C User Manual.

Package Contents

  • UNI-T UT345C gas tank level checker — 1 pc.
  • AAA (LR03) 1.5 V — 2 pc.
  • User manual — 1 pc.