Advanced Triggering Option RIGOL AT-DS1000Z

Advanced trigger option for digital oscilloscopes RIGOL DS1054Z, DS1074Z, DS1074Z-S, DS1104Z, DS1104Z-S and RIGOL MSO1104Z, MSO1104Z-S, MSO1074Z, MSO1074Z-S.

When you purchase this item you get the activation key used to enable the described function in your device.

RIGOL AT-DS1000Z Advanced Triggering Option is used for RIGOL DS1000Z series digital oscilloscopes and RIGOL MSO1000Z series mixed signal oscilloscopes.

It enables the following trigger functions: RS232, I2C, SPI, Runt, Windows, Nth Edge, Delay, Time Out, Setup/Hold.



  • RIGOL DS1054Z
  • RIGOL DS1074Z
  • RIGOL DS1074Z-S
  • RIGOL DS1104Z
  • RIGOL DS1104Z-S


  • RIGOL MSO1104Z
  • RIGOL MSO1104Z-S
  • RIGOL MSO1074Z
  • RIGOL MSO1074Z-S