Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DHO4204

4-channel HR oscilloscope with 200 MHz bandwidth, 4 GSa/s sample rate, 12 Bit A/D converter, 250 Mpts memory depth, and a vertical sensitivity of 100 μV/div

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The RIGOL HDO4204 oscilloscope, a member of the HDO4000 series, is designed to meet the requirements of the mainstream oscilloscope market. The 4-channel high-resolution oscilloscope features a 10.1″ 1280×800 HD touch display, providing a clear and interactive user-friendly interface, and offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz, a real-time sample rate of up to 4 GSa/s, and waveform capture rate of up to 1,500,000 wfms/s in UltraAcquire mode. 4 analog channels and an additional EXT channel ensure versatile signal analysis, while the 12-bit vertical resolution enhances the accuracy and fidelity of captured waveforms. The oscilloscope’s memory depth can be expanded up to 500 Mpts for an ample storage capacity for waveform data. RIGOL HDO4204 maintains an ultra-low noise floor of 18 μVrms at minimum settings, enabling precise measurements even in low-amplitude scenarios, and includes built-in serial decoders for popular protocols such as I²C, SPI, RS232/UART, and CAN, which simplifies the analysis of communication signals and facilitates protocol debugging.

RIGOL HDO4204 is a versatile and high-performance instrument. Its comprehensive range of features, including the powerful Centaurus chipset, fast waveform capture rate, large memory depth, low noise floor, intuitive touch display, make it a perfect choice for accurate measurements, design analysis, and debugging tasks in various applications and ensure an exceptional testing experience.


  • Brand-new Centaurus chipset developed by RIGOL;
  • 3 trigger modes: Auto, Normal, Single;
  • 4 analog channels and 1 external channel;
  • 12-bit vertical resolution;
  • Analog channel bandwidth of 200 MHz;
  • Real-time sample rate up to 4 GSa/s;
  • Ultra-low noise floor at 18 μVrms in minimum;
  • Memory depth up to 500 Mpts (optional);
  • Minimum vertical sensitivity of 100 μV/div, enabling the capture of small signals in the microvolt range;
  • Waveform capture rate up to 1,500,000 wfms/s in the UltraAcquire mode;
  • User-friendly Flex Knobs for effortless interaction;
  • Standard photoelectric encoder operating knobs, extending the device’s service life;
  • Standard USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI interfaces;
  • Optional battery pack in a portable package for flexibility in field conditions;
  • Online version upgrades available;
  • Wide range of compatible accessories

Technical Specifications

Operational Specifications
Analog bandwidth (50 Ω / 1 MΩ, -3 dB) 200 MHz (upgradable)
Channels 4 analog channel inputs, 1 EXT channel input
Rise time (under 50 Ω, 10% to 90%, typical) ≤ 1.75 ns
Sampling mode Real-time sampling
Sample rate of analog channels 4 GSa/s (1 channel)
2 GSa/s (2 channels)
1 GSa/s (4 channels)
Memory depth (standard) 250 Mpts (1 channel)
125 Mpts (2 channels)
62.5 Mpts (4 channels)
Memory depth (maximum as an option) 500 Mpts (1 channel)
250 Mpts (2 channels)
125 Mpts (4 channels)
Waveform capture rate Vector mode: 50,000 wfms/s
UltraAcquire mode: 1,500,000 wfms/s
Vertical resolution 12 bits
Hardware real-time waveform recording and playback max. 500,000 frames
Peak detect 500 ps
Vertical System Analog Channels
Input coupling DC, AC, GND
Input impedance 1 MΩ ± 1%, 50 Ω ± 1%
Input capacitance 19 pF ± 3 pF
Maximum input voltage 50 Ω 5 Vrms
1 MΩ 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk (DC + Vpeak)
Input sensitivity range 50 Ω 100 μV/div to 1 V/div
1 MΩ 100 μV/div to 10 V/div
Dynamic range ±4 div (12 bits)
Bandwidth limits (typical) 20 MHz, 250 MHz, FULL; selectable for each channel
ESD tolerance ±8 kV (for input BNC)
Horizontal System Analog Channels
Time base range 500 ps/div to 1 ks/div
Time base resolution 100 ps
Analog channel-to-channel delay (typical) ≤500 ps
Trigger System
Trigger modes Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger sources analog channel (1~4), EXT TRIG, AC Line
Trigger bandwidth Internal Analog bandwidth
External 200 MHz
Trigger sensitivity Internal 0.50 div, ≥50 mV/div
0.7 div (with noise rejection enabled)
External 200 mVpp, from DC to 100 MHz
500 mVpp, from 100 MHz to 200 MHz
External trigger impedance 1 MΩ±1%, BNC connector
Trigger type Edge trigger, Pulse trigger, Slope trigger, Video trigger, Pattern trigger, Duration trigger, Timeout trigger, Runt trigger, Window trigger, Delay trigger, Setup/Hold trigger, Nth Edge trigger, I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN
Product Specifications
AutoScale Minimum voltage over 10 mVpp, duty cycle over 1%, frequency over 35 Hz
Digital voltmeter DC, AC+DCrms, ACrms
Display 10.1-inch 1280×800 capacitive multi-touch display
Processor Cortex-A72, 1.8 GHz, hexa-core
System memory 4 GB RAM
Operating system Android
Power voltage AC 100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Operating temperature 0 to +50°C
Dimensions 358 × 215 × 122 mm
Weight 3.8 kg (net) / 5.4 kg (shipping)

User Manual

PDF  Download HDO4000 Oscilloscope Series User Manual.

Package Contents

  • DHO4204 digital oscilloscope — 1 pc.
  • Power cord — 1 pc.
  • USB cable — 1 pc.
  • PVP2350 passive test probe — 4 pcs.
  • User manual — 1 pc.