Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DHO814

4-channel oscilloscope with a 100 MHz bandwidth, 1.25 GSa/s sample rate, 12-bit A/D converter, 25 Mpts memory depth, and a 17.8 cm touch display with 1024×600 pixels.

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RIGOL DHO814 is a high-performance four-channel oscilloscope with a 100 MHz bandwidth, 1.25 GSa/s sample rate, a 12-bit A/D converter, low noise, 25 Mpts memory depth, and a 17.8 cm touch display (1024×600 pixels). It features a capture rate of up to 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire Mode). Serial decoders for I²C, SPI, and RS232/UART are already included!


  • 12-bit ADC: high resolution and offset; low noise signal path for more accurate measurements.
  • 12-bit vertical resolution with 4096 levels of quantization, offering 16 times the quantization levels of 8-bit, adept at handling small signal testing.
  • 7-inch high-definition touchscreen for more convenient human-machine interaction.
  • 1,000,000 wfms/s acquisition rate; find signal anomalies quickly. Smooth workflows — even with measurements, spectrum, math, or long acquisitions.
  • Designed with a Type-C power interface, so it can be powered by just a portable power source, enabling on-site testing.
  • Features a compact form factor and also supports standard monitor stand usage, effectively reducing the desktop footprint and providing you with more ample workspace.
  • Comes standard with USB, LAN, and HDMI output interfaces, supporting remote control and conference presentations, making collaboration more convenient.

Technical Specifications

Model DHO802 DHO804 DHO812 DHO814
Bandwidth 70 MHz 70 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz
Channel 2 4 2 4
Rise time (typ.) ≤ 5 ns ≤ 5 ns ≤ 3.5 ns ≤ 3.5 ns
Sample rate 1 channel with 1.25 GSa/s
2 channels with each 625 MSa/s
4 channels with each 312.5 MSa/s
Waveform capture rate 30 000 wfms/s (Vector Mode)
1 000 000 wfms/s (UltraAcquire Mode)
Memory depth (standard) 1 channel with 25 Mpts
2 channels with each 10 Mpts
4 channels with each 1 Mpts
Vertical Resolution 12 bits
Display 7-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD, 1024 × 600
Power Supply Interface Type-C
Power Voltage DC 12 V, 4 A
Power max. 48 W (when connected to various interfaces, USB storage device, and active probes)
Dimensions 265.35 mm (W) × 161.75 mm (H) × 77.38 mm (D)
Weight 1.78 kg (package excluded) / 2.78 kg (package included)

User Manual

PDF  Download RIGOL DHO814 user manual.


PDF  Download RIGOL DHO814 Datasheet.

Package Contents

  • Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DHO814 — 1 pc.
  • Passive Probe PVP3150 (150 MHz) — 4 pcs.