PC Software RIGOL Ultra Spectrum for RIGOL DSA700 / DSA800 / DSA1000

PC Software for RIGOL DSA700, DSA800, DSA1000 and DSA1000A series spectrum analyzers to be used within the UltraSigma package.

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RIGOL Ultra Spectrum is Windows PC compatible remote control, remote monitoring and data analysis software for all RIGOL spectrum analysers.


  • Remote Control.
    The design of this software is based upon the VISA standard. Remote control and monitoring of a Rigol spectrum analyser is possible using either a USB or LAN connection.
  • Data Storage and Processing.
    This software provides powerful data processing functions (independent from the instrument). You can perform a series of operations on the spectral data acquired from the instrument to fulfill various signal measurement and study requirements.
  • Instrument Function Extension and Enhancement.
    Special functions (such as the 3-D intensity graph) extend and enhance the functions of the spectrum analyser.


  • RIGOL DSA705
  • RIGOL DSA710
  • RIGOL DSA815
  • RIGOL DSA832
  • RIGOL DSA875
  • RIGOL DSA1020
  • RIGOL DSA1030
  • RIGOL DSA1030A