RIGOL DHO1202 Digital Oscilloscope

2-channel HR oscilloscope with 200 MHz bandwidth, 2 GSa/s sample rate, 12-bit A/D converter, 50 Mpts memory depth, and a vertical sensitivity of 500 μV/div to 10 V/div

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RIGOL DHO1202 is a high-performance 2-channel high-resolution oscilloscope based on RIGOL’s new Centaurus chipset and equipped with a 10.1″ 1280×800 HD touch display with an interactive user-friendly interface and a double multi-function knob design for smoother interaction. The RIGOL DHO1202 offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz, a real-time sample rate of up to 2 GSa/s, a waveform capture rate of up to 1,500,000 wfms/s in UltraAcquire mode, and a memory depth of 50 Mpts (expandable to 100 Mbts as an option). Two analog channels and an additional external channel ensure versatile signal analysis, while the 12-bit vertical resolution enhances the accuracy and fidelity of captured waveforms.

RIGOL DHO1202 maintains an ultralow noise floor for cleaner signals, enabling precise measurements even in low-amplitude scenarios, and includes built-in serial decoders for popular protocols such as I²C, SPI, RS232/UART, and CAN to simplify the analysis of communication signals and facilitate protocol debugging. The RIGOL DHO1202‘s extensive range of features, including a fast waveform capture rate, low noise floor, large memory depth, intuitive touch display, and an effortless user experience, make it well-suited for mainstream designing, debugging, and testing applications.


  • Brand-new Centaurus chipset developed by RIGOL;
  • 3 trigger modes: Auto, Normal, Single;
  • 2 analog channels and 1 external channel;
  • 12-bit vertical resolution;
  • Analog channel bandwidth of 200 MHz;
  • Real-time sample rate up to 2 GSa/s;
  • Ultralow noise floor at minimum settings;
  • Memory depth up to 100 Mpts (optional);
  • Minimum vertical sensitivity of 500 μV/div to 10 V/div, enabling the capture of small signals in the microvolt range;
  • Waveform capture rate up to 1,500,000 wfms/s in the UltraAcquire mode;
  • User-friendly Flex Knobs for effortless interaction;
  • Standard photoelectric encoder operating knobs, extending the device’s service life;
  • Standard USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI interfaces;
  • Supporting web control interface (to display the oscilloscope’s operation interface, input the device’s IP address into a web browser);
  • Wide range of compatible accessories

Technical Specifications

Operational Specifications
Analog bandwidth (-3 dB) 200 MHz
Channels 2 analog channel inputs, 1 external channel input
Rise time (10% to 90%, typical) ≤ 1.75 ns
Sampling mode Real-time sampling
Sample rate of analog channels 2 GSa/s (1 channel)
1 GSa/s (2 channels)
Memory depth (standard) 50 Mpts (1 channel)
25 Mpts (2 channels)
Memory depth (maximum, as an option) 100 Mpts (1 channel)
50 Mpts (2 channels)
Waveform capture rate Vector mode: 50,000 wfms/s
UltraAcquire mode: 1,500,000 wfms/s
Vertical resolution 12 bits
Hardware real-time waveform recording and playback max. 500,000 frames
Peak detect 2 ns
Vertical System Analog Channels
Input coupling DC, AC, GND
Input impedance 1 MΩ ± 1%, 50 Ω ± 1%
Input capacitance 19 pF ± 3 pF
Maximum input voltage CAT I 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk (DC + Vpeak)
Input sensitivity range 500 μV/div to 10 V/div
Dynamic range ±4 div (12 bits)
Bandwidth limits (typical) 20 MHz, FULL; selectable for each channel
DC vertical offset accuracy ≤200 mV/div (± 0.1 div ± 2 mV ± 1.5% of offset setting)
>200 mV/div (± 0.1 div ± 2 mV ± 1.0% of offset setting)
ESD tolerance ±8 kV (for input BNC)
Horizontal System Analog Channels
Time base range 2 ns/div to 1 ks/div
Time base resolution 400 ps
Time-base delay time tange Pre-trigger -5 div
Post-trigger 1 s or 100 div, the greater of the two values
Analog channel-to-channel delay (typical) ≤2 ns
Acquisition System
Acquisition mode Normal Default mode
Peak detect Capture of glitches as narrow as 2 ns
Average Selectable from 2, 4, 8, 16 up to 65536
High resolution 14 bits, 16 bits
UltraAcquire Up to 1,500,000 wfms/s
Trigger System
Trigger modes Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger sources Analog channel (1~2), external trigger, AC Line
Trigger bandwidth Internal Analog bandwidth
External 200 MHz
Trigger sensitivity Internal 0.50 div, ≥50 mV/div
0.7 div (with noise rejection enabled)
External 200 mVpp, from DC to 100 MHz
500 mVpp, from 100 MHz to 200 MHz
External trigger impedance 1 MΩ±1%, BNC connector
Trigger type Edge trigger, Pulse trigger, Slope trigger, Video trigger, Pattern trigger, Duration trigger, Timeout trigger, Runt trigger, Window trigger, Delay trigger, Setup/Hold trigger, Nth Edge trigger, I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN, LIN
Product Specifications
AutoScale Minimum voltage over 10 mVpp, duty cycle over 1%, frequency over 35 Hz
Digital voltmeter DC, AC+DCrms, ACrms
Display 10.1-inch 1280×800 capacitive multi-touch display
Processor Cortex-A72, 1.8 GHz, Hexa-Core
System memory 4 GB RAM
Internal non-volatile memory 8 GB
Operating system Android
Power voltage AC 100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power 400 VA max. (connect various interfaces, USB storage device, and active probes)
Operating temperature 0 to +50°C
Dimensions 358 × 215 × 121 mm
Weight 3.8 kg (net) / 5.4 kg (shipping)

User Manual

PDF  Download DHO1000 Oscilloscope Series User Manual.

Package Contents

  • RIGOL DHO1202 digital oscilloscope — 1 pc.
  • Power cord — 1 pc.
  • USB cable — 1 pc.
  • PVP2350 passive HighZ test probe — 2 pcs.
  • User manual — 1 pc.