Software Options Bundle for RIGOL DS1000Z/MSO1000Z

Options Bundle (AT-DS1000Z, MEM-DS1000Z, REC-DS1000Z, SA-DS1000Z) for RIGOL DS1000Z/MSO1000Z series oscilloscopes.

When you purchase this item you get the activation key used to enable the described function in your device.

Option bundle for RIGOL DS1000Z series digital oscilloscopes MSO1000Z series mixed signal oscilloscopes including the most needed options for your scope.


  • AT-DS1000Z – advanced trigger option (RS232, I2C, SPI, Runt, Windows, Nth Edge, Delay, Time Out, Setup/Hold trigger functions)
  • MEM-DS1000Z – deep memory option (increases the maximum memory depth from 12 Mpts to 24 Mpts)
  • REC-DS1000Z – waveform record and play option
  • SA-DS1000Z – serial data decoding and trigger option (I2C, SPI, UART/RS232 decoding)



  • RIGOL DS1054Z
  • RIGOL DS1074Z
  • RIGOL DS1074Z-S
  • RIGOL DS1104Z
  • RIGOL DS1104Z-S


  • RIGOL MSO1104Z
  • RIGOL MSO1104Z-S
  • RIGOL MSO1074Z
  • RIGOL MSO1074Z-S