Software Options Bundle RIGOL BND-MSO/DS2000A

Options Bundle (MEM-DS2000, AT-DS2000, SD-DS2000, CAN-DS2000) for RIGOL MSO/DS2000A series oscilloscopes.

When you purchase this item you get the activation key used to enable the described function in your device.

RIGOL BND-MSO/DS2000A option bundle including the most needed options for your scope. Get all software upgrades (deeper memory, advanced trigger functions, serial bus decoding & CAN-bus analysis) for the MSO/DS2000A series oscilloscopes for the price of one.


  • Includes top upgrades:
    • MEM-DS2000 – memory upgrade from 14 to 56 million memory points in a single capture.
    • AT-DS2000 – advanced triggering
    • SD-DS2000 – serial data decoder. Includes RS-232, I2C and SPI
    • CAN-DS2000A – CAN Triggering Decoding


  • RIGOL DS2072A
  • RIGOL DS2102A
  • RIGOL DS2202A
  • RIGOL DS2302A
  • RIGOL DS2072A-S
  • RIGOL DS2102A-S
  • RIGOL DS2202A-S
  • RIGOL DS2302A-S
  • RIGOL MSO2202A