Preamplifier Software License RIGOL PA-DSA875

Preamplifier option (100 kHz to 7.5 GHz) for RIGOL DSA875, DSA875-TG Spectrum Analyzers.

When you purchase this item you get the activation key used to enable the described function in your device.

RIGOL PA-DSA875 is an option that enables a built-in preamplifier (100 kHz to 7.5 GHz) for the RIGOL DSA875 and DSA875-TG spectrum analysers. 

A preamplifier reduces the displayed average noise level giving better visibility of signals close to the noise floor.


  • RIGOL DSA875

A preamplifier has been supplied as standard on all RIGOL DSA800 series spectrum analysers from 13 April 2017. Only RIGOL DSA875(-TG) spectrum analysers purchased before this date will require this licence to permanently activate the preamplifier.